The Journal - Volume - 3, Number- 3 & 4: 2009
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Resources as a tool for food security and sustainable development for rural livelihood in India in the 
       context of industrial development and environmental protection : An overview
       Madhav Chandra Dash (Page 201-208)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 02. First ever legal action on Carbondioxide pollution and its future consequences
       Debashish Raha and P.C.Mishra (Page 209-210)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 03. Effect of mobile phone emf on biochemical changes in emerging seedlings of Phaseolus aureus Roxb.
       Ved Prakash Sharma, Harminder Pal Singh and Ravinder Kumar Kohli (Page 211-214)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 04. Flood impact assessment on 24th August 2008 due to Kosi flood in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand, using
       remote sensing and GIS 
       Vivek.K.Singh, V.H.Vinod Kumar, Kanhaiya N.Mishra and A.T. Jeyaseelan (Page 215-219)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 05. Surface ultrastructural changes in the gills of an Indian stenoha line catfish, Clarias batrachus (Linn.)
       under acute acid and Aluminium stress
       Ranu Naskar, Veenapani, Somdutta Moitra, Kiran Kumari, Nisarga S.Sen and M.Firoz Ahmad (Page 221-226)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 06. Studies on the effects of polluted water of Amanishah nalla on the biochemical profile of tomato
       (Lycopersicum esculentum L.Var. Rocky f1 hybrid)
       Megha Bharadwaj, Babita Sharma, K.C.Sharma, R.K.Raghuvanshi and R.A. Sharma (Page 227-230)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 07. Vermicompost of kitchen waste by the earthworm, Lampito mauritii for kitchen garden
       W.P.S.Indirabai and P.Sr.Suja Pratha (Page 231-234)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 08. Horizontal salinity and plankton gradient of Pulicat lagoon near Attakanithippa and its influence on
       feeding of flamingoes
       N.V.Nanda Kumar, A.Nagarjuna and D.C.Reddy (Page 235-240)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 09. Limnology of two springs adjacent to Chattha nullah, Jammu I. water chemistry
       S.P.S. Dutta, M.Khullar and J.Sharma (Page 241-246)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 10. Ground water quality assessment in and around Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
       M.Vasanthy and R.Velmurugan (Page 247-250)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 11. Taxonomy of rotifer (Rotifera:Eurotatoria) from two perennial fresh water ponds of Jammu, 
       K.K.Sharma, Shvetambri, Preeti Verma and S.P.Sharma (Page 251-254)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
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