The Journal - Volume - 4, Number- 1 : 2010
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Raw sewage biodegradation in gravitational sanitation sytems caused  by the heterotrophic biomass.
      Grzegorz Lagod, Lucjan Pawlowski, Zbigniew Suchorab and Marcin Widomski.(Page 001-005) 
      (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 02. Palaeoenvironment in the Mahanadi basin: inferences from Mesozoic plant and ichno fossils diversity.
      Shreerup Goswami, Madhimita Das and B.C. Guru (Page 007-014)
      (abstract.htm,  full paper.pdf, view & download)
 03. Ventilational impact on thermosensation and indoor air quality.
       P. Thirumal and G. Saraswathy (Page 015-017)
       (abstract.htm,  full paper.pdf, view & download)
 04. Ambient air quality in opencast coal mining areas of Bankola (under Eastern Coal Field Ltd.) 
      of Asansol Raniganj region.
      Sabyasachi Mukhoupadhyay, Sandipan Pal, Aloke K. Mukherjee and Apurba Ratan Ghosh (Page 019-024)
      (abstract.htm,  full paper.pdf, view & download)
 05. Air quality of Dhanbad city during the mansoon period.
      Bindu and S. K. Sinha (Page 025-028) 
      (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 06. Air quality status in Shivamoga city, India.
      Adamsab M. Patel and Hina Kausor. (Page 029-030)
      (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 07. Effect of water pollutants on freshwater fish, Hypophthalmiccthys molitrix (Vall).
      Maximas H. Rose, K. Sudhakar and P.N. Sudha and P.N. Sudha.(Page 031-035)
      (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf view & download)
 08. Seasonal variations in physico-chemical characteristics of Harsool- Savangi Dham, 
       District Aurangabad,India.
       S.E. Shinde T.S. Pathan K.S. Raut, P.R. More and D.L. Sonawane. (Page 037-044)
       (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 09. Studies on zeemays and solar disinfection efficencies for treating turbid water.
       Syed Azeem Unnisa, P. Deepthi and K. Mukkanti. (Page 045-047) 
       (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 10. Characterizatin of hydro-chemical parameters in realation to freshwater fraction ingress in tropical
      Namad estuary, Gujrat, India.
      Nirmal Kumar, J.I. Rita N. Kumar and Shailendra Viyol. (Page 049-052)
      (abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
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