The Journal - Volume - 4, Number- 2 & 3 : 2010
Contents of Research Papers
 01. A comparison of industrial green house gas emission (GHG) and carbon sink potential
      of forest vegetation in Orissa, In the context of climate change.
      Madhab Chandra Das.(Page 147-152) 
      (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 02. Multivariate analysis to evaluate geochemistry of groundwater in Varahi river basin
       of Udupi in Karnataka (India) .
       P.Ravi Kumar, R.K. Somashekhar (Page 153-162)
       (Abstract.htm,  full paper.pdf, view & download)
 03. Chemical characteristics of coir pith as a function of it particle size to be used as soilless medium.
       D.Magragatham Jeyaseeli and Samuel Paul Raj (Page 163-169)
       (Abstract.htm,  full paper.pdf, view & download)
 04. Hydrochemistry and microbiological studies on rivulets adjacent to iron and chromite mines.
       Monalisha Rath, C.S.K. Mishra and R.C. Mahanty (Page 171-174)
      (Abstract.htm,  full paper.pdf, view & download)
 05. Phosphate and nitrate content of Nambul River in the Imphal city.
       N. K. Sharat Singh and N. Rajmuhon Singh  (Page 175-176) 
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 06. Emmission of Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon from two wheelers of various
       company - a case study, Madhuraj, Tamilnadu.
       D.Sarala Thamhavani M. A. Sabitha. (Page 177-182))
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 07. Response surface methodlogical analysis on hydrogen production by fermentation.
       R. Sangeetha, B. Preetha and T. Karunanithi (Page 183-187)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf view & download)
 08. Studies of effect of cadimium toxicity of protein metabolism in brain and muscle tissue
       of a freshwater telecoast Channa punctatus.
       Srianga Tilak Patnaik, Monalisha P. Mohapatra, G.K. Panigrahy, B. C. Guru and S. C. Patnaik (Page 189-192)
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 09. Effect of morin on mercury chloride induced nephrotoxicity.
       R. S. Venkatesan, A. Mohmed Sadiq, J. Suresh Kumar, G. Raja Lakshmi and R. Vidhya. (Page 193-196) 
       (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
 10. Limnology of two spring adjacent to Chattha Nullah Jammu Part-III. Zooplankton.
      S. P. S. Dutta, M. Khullar and J. Sharma  (Page 197-205)
      (Abstract.htm, full paper.pdf, view & download)
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