The Journal - Volume - 7, Number- 1 & 2: 2013
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Carbon sequestration and role of earthworms in indian land uses: A review    
       Madhab Chandra Dash and Niranjan Behera  ( Page 01-07 ) 
 02. Endophytic bacteria as biocontrol agents against phytopathogens of vegetable crops
       S. Anu Rajan, K. Prathibha, K. Aravind and D. Radhakrishna (Page 09-12)  
 03. Nucleic acid content of some tissues during different phases of reproductive 
      cycle Notopterus notopterus
       K. Ravikiran and R. S. Kulkarni  (Page 13-16)   
 04. Source separated human urine (Alw) as a nitrogen fertilizers for radish cultivation
       G. Sridevi  (Page 17-20)  
 05. A study on wetland avian species of Sultanpur National Park Gurgaon, Haryana (India) 
      Girish Chopra, Anil K. Tyor and Seema Kumari  (Page 21-26)  
 06. Adsorption of Pb (Ii) from aqueous solution using NPP-modified bentonite as adsorbent
B. N. Sandeep and S. Suresha (Page 27-30)
 07. Threat to the migratory avian fauna of Deepor Beel: A Ramsar Site in Assam. 
Karobi B. Saikia (Page 31-36)
 08.  An Assessment on Economic Importance of Damodar River Water In Comparison 
        With Ground and Mine Water
        Anubha Singh, Bishnu Deo and S. P. Singh  (Page 37-44)   
 09. A Study on Metal Concentration in Patkai Wetland near Tikak Open Cast Mine, Assam
       Runa Bhagabati and Aparajita Borkotoki   (Page 45-50)   
 10. Assessment of benthic community alterations in relation to pollution in a
boat harbor in Visakhapatnam, East Coast of India
Dipti Raut, Rao, P.E., Raman,A.V. and Lipika Patnaik(Page 51-56)
 11. Physico-chemical properties of overburden dumps of different ages at
Sonepur Bazari coalmine area, Raniganj, West Bengal (India)
C. K. Biswas, A. Mukherjee and S. P. Mishra (Page 57-60)
 12. Hydrobiological investigations along Padubidri coast, South-West coasts
of India with special reference to Zooplankton
Mridula Rajesh, H. R. V. Reddy, V. Moorthy and N. Chethan (Page 61-66)
 13. Observation on primary production of river Mahanadi on seasonal
basis in Cuttack district, Odisha
Subhashree Panigrahi and A. K. Patra (Page 67-72)
 14. A vifaunal diversity of district Kargil - A Trans-Himalyan region of J&K state
       Tsewang Motup and D. N. Sahi  (Page 73-78)   
 15. A vifauna diversity along the Ghataprabha river in Shettihalli, Hukkeri Taluka, North Karnataka
       M. S. Patil and N. C. Hiragond  (Page 79-82)   
 16. An Economic artificial laboratory feed for freshwater fishes and it’s impact on 
      growth rate of Channa punctatus (Adult & Fry)
      Yogita Devi and Abha Mishra  (Page 83-86)   
 17. Preliminary study of biodiversity of water birds in selected reservoirs of Bokaro district
       Navita Gupta  (Page 87-94)   

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