The Journal - Volume - 7, Number- 3 & 4: 2013
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Prevalence of fin and tail rot disease in nursery ponds of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India   
       P. V. V. Satish, N. Sree Rekha and K. Sunita, K. Somaiah and Kanaka Raju ( Page 095 - 099 ) 
 02. Productivity study in relation to temperature and transparency in the euphotic zone of selected tropical
freshwater floodplain wetlands of
West Bengal
Golam Ziauddin, S. K. Chakraborty, A. K. Jaiswar and Utpal Bhaumik (Page 101 - 107)
 03. Isolation of amylolytic bacteria from a biofertilizere generated from municipal solid waste 
Ayona Jayadev and S. S. Navami (Page 109 - 113)
 04. Spatial and temporal variation in the environmental parameters and its impact on the seagrass
and associated macro fauna of pulicat
T. Lynda Kern and R. Moses Inbaraj (Page 115 - 121)
 05. Population genetic diversity analysis of Bipolaris oryzae fungi infecting
Oryza sativa in India using URP markers
A. Kandan, J. Akhtar, B. Singh, D. Dixit, D. Chand, P. C. Agarwal,
A. Roy and S. Rajkumar
(Page 123 - 128)
 06. Potential of continuous and intermitent aeration for sago wastewater treatment
Sujatha Kandasamy, Balachandar Dananjeyan and Kumar Krishnamurthy
(Page 129 - 132)
 07. Biointensive approach under rice-potato based cropping system in gangetic alluvial zone of West Bengal
M. DE. Roy, A. Hui and L. K. Jana (Page 133 - 137)
 08.  Present status and future priorities for introduction of oil palm in India
        Anitha Pedapati, Vandana Tyagi, S. K. Yadav, Pratibha Brahmi and P. Murugesan
(Page 139 - 144)

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