The Journal - Volume - 8, Number- 3 & 4: 2014
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Comparison of forecasting ability of different statistical models for productivity of rice 
(Oryza sativa L.) in India
Prity Kumari, G. C. Mishra, Anil Kumar Pant, Garima Shukla and S. N. Kujur (Page 193 - 198)
 02. Evaluation of some soil test methods for available phosphorus and its critical limits for 
black gram in acid soils of Imphal west district, Manipur (India)
Linthoi Watham, Herojit Singh Athokpam, Wangkhem Herojit Meitei, Nandini Chongtham,
K. Nandini Devi, N. Brajendra Singh, N. Gopimohan Singh and N. Janaki Singh (Page 199 - 202)
 03. Effects of different pruning severity on physico-chemical properties of ber
(Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) cv. Banarasi Karaka
Harit Kumar, P. N. Katiyar, Anand Kumar Singh and B. V. Rajkumar (Page 203 - 206)
 04. Studies on the influence of sugarcane trash vermicompost on the growth and biochemical 
parameters of brinjal plant (Solanum melongena L.)
S. P. Adhikary (Page 207 - 210)
 05. Pest surveillance in LCC and non-LCC rice plots by participatory rural folk appraisal
       A. Samanta, K. Chakraborti, SK. F. Alam, B. C. Das and S. Patra  (Page 211 - 213)  
 06. Utilization of municipal garbage as component potting media for the production of teak
(Tectona grandis L. F.) seedlings in the nursery
K. Vidyasagaran, Vikas Kumar and R. Ajeesh (Page 215 - 219)
 07. Record of weed fauna of cashew plantations as hosts of tea mosquito bug 
K. Vanitha, K. K. Srikumar and P. S. Bhat (Page 221 - 224)
 08. Assessment of diversity along the disturbance gradient in dry tropics of Chhattisgarh, India
G. V. Pawar, Lalji Singh, M. K. Jhariya and K. P. Sahu (Page 225 - 233)
 09. Release behaviour of zinc fractions for varying levels of added Zn in sandy loam soils
       Mohandoss Naveen Saviour and Palaniyandi Stalin  (Page 235 - 240)   
 10. Temporal growth performance of Indian myrrh (Commiphora wightii) raised by seedlings and
cuttings from same genetic stocks in the extremely arid Thar desert of India
N. K. Sinha, Suresh Kumar, Priyabrata Santra, P. Raja and Daleep Mertia (Page 241 - 244)
 11. Validation of intergeneric hybridity in papaya through molecular markers
       G. L. Veena and M. R. Dinesh  (Page 245 - 248)   
 12. Sequential herbicide application and nitrogen rates effects on weeds in direct seeded rice
(Oryza sativa L.)
Ashwini Kumar Singh, M. K. Singh, S. K. Prasad and Pooja Sakarwar (Page 249 - 252)
 13. Assessment of microbial population in relation with hydrographical characteristics in Netravati and
Gurupur estuaries of Mangalore, southwest coast of India
Mridula Rajesh, K. M. Rajesh and H. R. V. Reddy (Page 253 - 256)
 14. Vertical distribution of potassium under organic and inorganic nutrient management in
a Vertisol planted to rice
Tripti Nayak, R. K. Bajpai and Vinay Bachkaiya (Page 257 - 261)
 15. In-situ assessment of phenotypic diversity in Cajanus scarabaeoides (L.) Thouars
       Nilamani Dikshit, Vishnu K. Gite and Natarajan Sivaraj    (Page 263 - 267)   
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