The Journal - Volume - 9, Number - 3 & 4 : 2015
Contents of Research Papers
 1. Recycling of ligno-cellulosic waste materials through oyster mushroom cultivation
for sustainable food production
Mohan Kumar Biswas and Soma Bhattacharjee Biswas
(Page 655 - 659)
 2. Effect of water soluble fertilziers on chlorophyll content and nodulation in groundnut
in a vertisol of northern transition zone of Karnataka
V. Manasa, N. S. Hebsur, L. H. Malligowad, L. Shiva Kumar and B. Ramkrishna
(Page 661 - 664)
 3. Effect of phosphate on cadmium sorption in some arid and semi-arid soils of Haryana, India
     S. K. Thakur, Geeta Kumari, S. Tiwari and N. K. Tomar  (Page 665 - 670)   
 4. Diversity and distribution pattern of termites in relation with human
interference: A study at Jnanabharathi campus, Bangalore, India
M. K. Pranesh and B. P. Harini (Page 671 - 676)
 5. Altitudinal variation in different seed source of Pinus wallichiana under temperate
conditions of Kashmir
G. M. Bhat, A. H. Mughal, A. R. Malik, P. A. Khan, P. A. Sofi, M. A. Islam, A. Singh
and Qasba Shazmeen (Page 677 - 681)
 6. Effect of processing on volatile oil composition in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) varieties
     R. Priyanka, M. Vasundhara, Ashwini Jayaram, Rao Gge, N. Marappa and K. N. Shanti
(Page 683 - 687)
 7. Influence of plant growth promoter and abiotic stress treatment on gas exchange
parameters in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss.)
B. K. Sinha and M. L. Chhabra (Page 689 - 693)
 8. Standardization of drying level and time in microwave oven of gerbera var. Impireal
     Shivayya Mathapati, B. Hemlanaik, Shivakumar, U. S. Pujeri Suresh Chougala
and Vasant Ganiger (Page 695 - 697)
 9. Nitrogen mineralization kinetics in soils incubated at different temperatures 
amended with organic and inorganic fertilizers
Z. A. Bhat, G. S. Saroa, D. K. Benbi, O. P. Choudhary and S. A. Padder
(Page 699 - 703)
10. Assessment of the drinking water quality in the shallow aquifers of a cannal 
command area in North India
Jitendra Maurya, Shankar Ram and A. K. Ghosh
(Page 705 - 712)
11. Survey of thrips (Thysanoptera) and their natural enemies in vegetables from 
mid hills of Himachal Pradesh
Suman Sanjta and Usha Chauhan (Page 713 - 715)
12. Efficacy of mustard stems powder and ash against Varroa destructor in honey bee
Apis mellifera colonies
Asha Poonia, Rachna Gulati and S. K. Sharma (Page 717 - 720)
13. Application of regression model to identify stable finger millet genotypes for
days to 50 percent flowering
M. S. Nagaraja, G. R. Halagundegowda and H. K. Meenakshi (Page 721 - 724)
14. Status of available macro and micro nutrients in the soils of Someshwar
watershed in Almora district of Uttarakhand
G. S. Yurembam, Harish Chandra and Vinod Kumar (Page 725 - 730)
15. Ferti-fortification: An easy approach for nutritional enrichment of chickpea
      Ummed Singh, Narendra Kumar, C. S. Praharaj, S. S. Singh and Lalit Kumar 
(Page 731 - 736)
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