The Journal - Volume - 10, Number- 1 & 2: 2016
Contents of Research Papers
  11. Intracellular protein and isoenzyme variability of Xanthomonas
pv. Campestris

A. Roy Barman and S. Dutta (Page 055 - 062)
  12. Effect of sea water irrigation and sowing time on seed yield and
component of salicornia (S. brachiata Roxb.)

Bhoomika B. Patel, J. M. Patel and B. K. Patel (Page 063- 066)
  13. Effect of solvents on adsorption of anionic dye on alum doped polyaniline
Braja Narayan Patra (Page 067 - 069)
  14. Impact of humic acid and salicylic acid on biochemical and physiological
parameters of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) under salinity stress

Uttam Kumar, I. J. Gulati and Vanika Bhunwal (Page 071 - 074)
  15. EMS and gamma rays induced mutation in greengram [Vigna radiata 
        (L.) R. Wilczek]
Mori Vaishali K., Rajiv Kumar, Mori, Kiran K. and K. H. Ribadiya (Page 075 - 080)
  16. Poly-ß-hydroxy butyrate production in bacteria employing ecofriendly
and renewable agribyproducts

Mukesh R. Jangra, Ikbal, Ritu Batra and Virendra K. Sikka (Page 081 - 084)
  17. Application of bio-organics and chemical fertilizers influences 
physicochemical properties of loamy-sand soil under barley
Sita Kumawat, S. R. Sharma and S. R. Rundala (Page 085 - 089)
  18.  Avian diversity in a sacred natural forest site in Odisha
A. Pradhan, S. P. Mishra and N. Behera (Page 091 - 095)
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