The Journal - Special Issue Volume - III : 2013
Contents of Research Papers
A.   Academic Achievements, Administrative Experience and Family Particulars of Professor P. C. Mishra
      S. K. Sahu, S. K. Pattanayak and M. R. Mahananda ( Page i - vii )  
 01. Secondary nutrient limitation in phytoplankton: implication for biofuel feedstock production)
       K. Narendra Sahoo, P. A. Azeez and P. S. Khillare (Page  1 - 8)   
 02.  Is there an upper and lower limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for biodiversity to function 
       in the context of climate change?
       Madhab Chandra Das  (Page 9 -14)   
 03. Structural and functional attributes of biomass in an Indian grassland community
       H. K. Patra and M. Mohanty ( Page 15-20)   
 04. Bioaccumulation of hexavalent chromium in rice (Oryza sativa l.) Grown in paddy field soil of 
       Basundhara coal mine area, Sundargarh, Odisha, India
       A. K. Bhadra and M. R. Mahananda ( Page 21-28)   
 05. Soundscape of Baripada, India: an appraisal and evaluation from urban noise perspective
       Shreerup Goswami and Bijay Kumar Swain (Page 29 -34)   
 06. Sewage microflora is potential indicator of effective sewage treatment
       Y. Avasn Maruthi, Kaizar Hossain, S. Ramakrishna Rao and Y. Surendra Kumar (Page 35-39)   
 07. Arsenic scenario in gangetic delta of West Bengal: risk and management
       S. C. Santra and Alok Chandra Samal  (Page 41- 55)   
 08. Bioresource conservation: traditions in India
       Ambarish Mukherjee ( Page 57 - 63 )   
 09. Study of some non-timber forest products (NTFPS) associated with the lives of Tribals in Matha 
        forest region of Purulia district, West Bengal
       Soma Chanda and Ambarish Mukherjee ( Page 65-68)   
 10. Documentation of traditional knowledge and indigenous use of nontimber forest products in Durgapur 
       forest range of Burdwan district, West Bengal
       Tripti Bouri and Ambarish Mukherjee (Page 69-74)   
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