The Journal - Special Issue Volume - IV : 2013
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Food security: An overview
       Madhab Chandra Dash (Page  1 - 4)   
 02. Climate change: Ways of solving the problem
       Raju Kumar, Anupam Sinha and Pravind Kr. Shah  (Page 5 - 9)   
 03. Molluscicidal activity of Mimusops elengi and Bauhinia variegata against the freshwater snail
Indoplanorbis exustus
Kanchan Lata Singh, D. K. Singh and Vinay Kumar Singh ( Page 11 - 16)
 04. Use and eradication of persistent organic pollutants in Nigeria
       Z. O. Ojekunle, A. O. Fabiyi, J .O. Oresanya, F. F. Oyebamji, A. O. Olatunde, O. R. Sangowusi, B. T. Amujo
and O. E. Dada ( Page 17-21)
 05. Heavy metal bio-accumulation in some selected tissues of Channa punctatus (bloch)
       Himansu Bhusan Mahananda, Rajesh Behera and Milan Kumar Behera (Page 23 -26)   
 06. Phytochemical and chromatographic studies in the stem bark extract of Ficus recemosa (L)
       V. Rajendra Chary and Estari Mamidala (Page 27 - 31)   
 07. Variable tolerance of the Chronomid species to heavy metal toxicity in nature as manifested through
poly morphism of polytene chromosomes
Trilochan Midya, Parantap Sarkar, Swapna Bhaduri and Avijit Mazumdar (Page 33 - 38)
 08. Cytotoxicity assessment of Murraya koneigii aqueos extracts on Allium cepa L. root tip cells
       Sushmita Choudhury ( Page 39 - 43 )   
 09. Mutagenic effects of Gamma Rays and EMS in M1 and M2 generations in aromatic rice
       Sanjeev Singh and Rishi Kumar Sharma ( Page 45 - 51)   
 10. Species-wise and organ-wise changes in superoxide dismutase activty in Tilapia, grey mullet
and spotted scat from Cochin Backwaters
Reynold Pranoy, K. R. Asharaj and M. L. Joseph (Page 53 - 59)
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