The Journal - Special Issue Volume - VIII : 2015
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Studies on feasibility and response of NPK application through different
approaches in ragi under rainfed condition

Saraswathi, Y. Vishawanath Shetty, M. Ashwini, B. Nethravathi and
S. Vandana (Page 01 - 05)
 02. Impact of weather factors on the incidence of major insect pests of tomato
(Solanum lycopersicon L.) cv. H-86 (Kashi Vishesh)

Rishikeshmandloi, Rajesh Pachori, Amit Kumar Sharma,
Moni Thomas and
A. S. Thakur (Page 07 - 12)
 03. Screening chillin (Capsicum annum L.) genotypes for resistance to broad
mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus Banks) and analysing the geographic
distribution of resistance through Diva-GIS

K. Rameash, S. R. Pandravada, N. Sivaraj, B. Sarath Babu and
S. K. Chakrabarty ( Page 13 - 19)
 04. Molecular and pathogenic variability among Indian isolates of Fusarium
oxysporum F. sp. ciceri causing wilt in chickpea

P. N. Rakhonde, S. S. Mane, A. D. Gawande, S. S. Bangar and
M. P. Moharil ( Page 21 - 28)
 05. Assessment of soil physico-chemical properties, available sulphur and
micronutrients status in southern Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu using
GIS techniques

G. Yoganathan and S. Meena (Page 29 - 33)
 06. Analysis of genetic divergence in okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench]
I. S. Asha, Bhaganna Haralayya, S. Gangaprasad, Netravati and
P. M. Salimath (Page 35 - 39)
 07. Study on genetic variability, correlation and path analysis with green pod
yield and yield attributing traits in french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Bhaganna Haralayya, P. M. Salimath, Nagarajappa Adivappar,
I. S. Asha and S. Gangaprasad (Page 41 - 46)
 08. Impact of plant growth regulators and nutrients on mitigation of salinity
stress effect in tomato

G. K. Nandhitha and R. Sivakumar ( Page 47 - 52 )
 09. Combining ability studies in diverse cytosterile based rabi sorghum (Sorghum
bicolor L. Moench) hybrids for yield and associated traits

Ambalika K. Choudhari, A. W. More, D. B. Deosarkar and
H. V. Kalpande ( Page 53 - 57)
 10. Evaluation of the efficacy of foliar application of water soluble fertilizers in

Vivek Kumar Singhal, G. G. Patel, Dipak H. Patel,
Piyush Kumar Saras and
Gajendra Singh (Page 59 - 64)
11.  Identification of genetic variability and correlation studies of pod borer
tolerant characters and grain yield in pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp]

H. V. Kalpande, S. K. Chavan, Ambika More, R. L. Aundhekar and
S. S. Linge (Page 65 - 70)
12.  Identification of combiners in rabi sorghum involving diverse cytosteriles
Ambalika K. Choudhari, S. B. Doijad, A. W. More and
H. V. Kalpande (Page 71 - 75)
13.  Genetic divergence studies for fruits yield and quality components in
diverse tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) genotypes

Sunil Prajapati, Omveer Raghuwanshi and Avtar Singh Dangi (Page 77 - 83)
14. Evaluation of sorghum germplasm for genetic divesity using D2 statistics
S. B. Doijad, A. B. Bagade, H. V. Kalpande and A. W. More
(Page 85 - 88)
15. Bio seed treatment in sustinable agriculture by inducing moisture stress
tolerance in rice seed germination

M. Kokila and M. Bhaskaran (Page 89 - 93)
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