The Journal - Special Issue Volume - IX : 2015
Contents of Research Papers
 46. Carbon sequestration in rice soils: A review
       S. K. Rajkishore, S. K. Natarajan, A. Manikandan, N. S. Vignesh and A. Balusamy
(Page 427 - 433)
 47. Growth and yield of aerobic rice grown under drip fertigation
       B. Rekha, H. M. Jayadeva, Gururaj Kombali, Nagaraju, G. B. Mallikarjuna and A. Geethakumari
(Page 435 - 437 )
 48. Heavy metals analysis in grain and husk of Oryza sativa collected from different 
locations of Kashmir
Gorav Sharma, Gaurav Mahajan and Deepika Singh ( Page 439 - 443)
 49. Seasonal incidence of yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas Walker in midland
SRI and normal transplanted rice ecosystem
Yaspal Singh Nirala, Gajendra Chandrakar, Sanjay Kumar Ghirtlahre and Chandramani Sahu (Page 445 - 448)
 50. Trend estimation by parametric and nonparametric modeling for area, production
and yield of rice in West Bengal
Ramesh Dasyam, Banjul Bhattacharyya and Soumen Pal (Page 449 - 453)
 51. Assessment of genetic variability character association and path coefficient
for yield and its component characters in rice
Keya Debnath, Bimal Das, Subhamoy Sikder and K. K. Sarkar (Page 455 - 459)
 52. Genetic association for grain yield and its component traits in indigenous 
and exotic rice accessions
Amit Kumar Mishra, Alok Kumar, N. R. Rangare, Rishav Kumar and Rahul Singh
(Page 461 - 465)
 53. Management of rice yellow stem borer (Scirpophaga incertulas Walker)
through trap cropping
Amit Kumar, A. K. Misra, Paidi Satyanarayana, Jitendra Kumar and Santeshwari (Page 467 - 469)
 54. Growth and yield attributes of rice (Oryza sativa L.) as influenced to age of
seedlings and fertilizer management
P. R. Chaudhari, A. P. Patel, V. P. Patel, L. J. Desai, J. V. Patel, D.
R. Chaudhari and D. H. Tandel
(Page 471 - 473)
 55. Genetic divergence for yield and related attributes in aerobic rice (Oryza sativa L.)
       Chandan Kumar, Nilanjaya and Santosh Kumar  (Page 475 - 480)   
 56. Stability analysis of protein content in traditional land races of rice
       N. G. Hanamaratti, T. N. Sathisha, B. A. Veeresha, P. Surendra and P. M. Salimath
       (Page 481 - 485)   
 57. Screening and antibiosis mechanism in rice genotypes against brown planthopper,
Nilaparvata lugens (Stal.) for identification of resistance donor
Bhupesh Joshi, G. Naga Bharani, K. L. Painkra, A. Kerketta and D. K. Rana (Page 487 - 490)
 58. Aromatic rice: present scenario and agro techniques for higher productivity
       Pritee Awasthy, Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi, Narendra Pandey, Bhumika Patel and
Mridhubhashini Patanwar
(Page 491 - 497)
 59. Heterosis on grain yield and qualitative traits in hybrid rice (Oryza sativa L.)
       D.A. Chauhan, Rita R. Patel and G. J. Bhimani   (Page 499 - 502)   
 60.  Performance of aerobic rice under drip fertigation
       Gururaj Kombali, Nagaraju, B. Rekha, T. Sheshadri, S. Anusha and G. B. Mallikarjuna    
        (Page 503 - 505)                      
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