The Journal - Special Issue Volume - IX : 2015
Contents of Research Papers
 01. Methane emission from rice ecosystem: 100 years of research
       S. K. Rajkishore, N. S. Vignesh, P. Doraisamy and M. Maheswari (Page 183 - 195)   
 02. Isolation and characterization of native antagonistic bacteria associated with sclerotium oryzae 
Cattanoe) causing stem rot of rice
Hijam Meronbala Devi and N. P. Eswara Reddy (Page 197 - 200 )
 03. Studies on effect of temperature and relative humidity on biology of rice moth 
Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) unter laboratory condition
P. S. Wadaskar, D. M. Jethva, Vigneswaran S. and N. S. Rode ( Page 201 - 204)
 04. In vitro screening for improving salinity tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa) L.
       G. Alagarasan, V. Mani and Chavan Narendra Rameshsing  ( Page 205 - 208)   
 05. Genetic variability and divergence studies in elite rice genotypes for biometrical traits
       Ravi Kumar, G. Suresh Babu, Satish Kumar Rai and Sandhya  (Page 209 - 212)   
 06. Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on germination and growth of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
       A. Pradhan and B. B. Mishra  (Page 213  - 216)   
 07. Genetic divergence and association study for grain yield in rice (Oryza sativa L.)  germplasm 
       A. K. Sarawagi, G. C. Ojha, Nidhi Koshta and Atul Pachauri  (Page 217 - 223)   
 08. Impact of different sources of organic manures in comparison with RDF and INM on
growth and yield of rice- greengram cropping system
S. Alagappan and R. Venkitaswamy ( Page 225 - 230 )
 09. Development of in vitro plant regeneration protocol in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using shoot tip explant
       B. D. Pawar, J. V. Bahurupe, P. B. Kale and N. R. Markad   ( Page 231 - 233)   
 10. Yield gap analysis of rice for technological intervention
       P. Sujathamma, K. Dharma Reddy and G. Usha Rani  (Page 235 - 237)   
 11. Effect of organic and inorganic fertilization on soil chemical environment of vertisol under rice
      Tripti Nayak, Tribhuvan Patel and Alok Tiwari  (Page 239 - 242)   
 12. Combining ability analysis for quality traits using ‘WA’ cytoplasm in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
      P. K. Bhati, S. K. Singh, Rajesh Singh, Amita Sharma and M. K. Meena
       (Page 243 - 247)   
 13. Effect of pressurized irrigation systems on productivity, water and energy use 
efficiency of summer rice
Anamika Sonit, A. L. Rathore, Hemlata, Deepti Jha, Suneel K. Rathour and K. L. Nandeha
(Page 249 - 254)
 14. Screening and evaluation of rice cultivars for submergence tolerance using SSR markers
      Aparajita Singh, Mukul, Megha Joshi, Mukh Ram, Madhuri Arya and P. K. Singh
      (Page 255 - 259)   
 15. Studies on seed dormancy in paddy genotype
       D. Hanumanthappa, S. N. Vasudevan, Mohammed Ibrahim, N. M. Shakuntala, A. Amaregouda 
       and S. R. Doddagoudar  (Page 261 - 263)   
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